If you are outside, your mobile phone may get wet. It is raining profusely now for various reasons. For this reason, if you are out, your mobile phone may get wet. If it is not waterproof then the mobile can be completely damaged.

If the phone gets wet, you have to do a few things without delay, so that there is no risk of the phone going bad. Find out what they are???

* If it gets wet in the rain, the mobile phone should be switched off immediately, so that the risk of danger can be reduced somewhat initially.
* Do not use the phone again before returning home or going to a safe dry place, remove the phone's SIM card as soon as you reach a safe place.
* Wipe the phone, battery and SIM card well with a dry cloth or tissue paper and place the phone next to the electric bulb.
* All the water in the wet phone can be dried in 10-15 minutes. But if possible, leave the phone on all night.
* If the internal circuit is not damaged, the phone will turn on and work normally.
* If you want to leave the house in the rain, use such a cover on the phone

If there is a problem after this, you have to show the phone to a professional. When leaving the house in the rain, use a cover on the phone that will hold water.